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Mario Cruz Finding Common Ground

Finding Common Ground
Mario Cruz
Mario Cruz Music

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As a professional saxophonist, Mario Cruz has toured and recorded with an eclectic array of music luminaries. From jazz artists Jaco Pastorius and Randy Brecker to pop icons Bruce Springsteen, Joe Cocker and Natalie Cole, Cruz’s musical interests are equaled only by his diversity. In FINDING COMMON GROUND, Cruz continues this diversity, while keeping his vision on cultivating his own unique music concept.

“The title track "Finding Common Ground" came from a idea to integrate different melodic motifs, with shared musical qualities, and develop them into a unified composition. In that same vein, the other music of this CD are my perspectives and observations of life and lessons from the diverse world I’ve worked within, learned from, and been inspired by over my career as session artist, solo performer, arranger and composer.”

Mario’s new CD is a killer with great playing, writing, production and a lot of surprises. Mario should be better known…he’s one of the very best we have, so let’s hope this great CD gets his name out there!! - Randy Brecker

I’ve been a fan of Mario’s playing since I heard him at the University of Miami many years ago. I didn’t know him however as the brilliant composer that he is. The writing on his new recording is beautiful. While listening to it the first time, I was struck by its freshness, lyricism, harmonic and melodic invention and soulful engaging grooves. It is music that bears repeated listening and I look forward to doing so…I invite you to do the same. Bravo Mario! - Rick Margitza


01 “FINDING COMMON GROUND” 6:15 This tune came from a simple idea to integrate
different melodic and rhythmic motifs, developing their shared musical qualities, and bridging
them into a unified composition."

02 “MY BRAIN HERTZ” 8:37 Sometimes the “snap, crackle and pop” of all those neurons
and synapses firing leads to an organization of sound.

03 “WHEN THE CAT’S AWAY...” 7:38 The devilish hanky-panky that goes on when no one’s

04 “ROLE REVERSAL” 6:49 I was just trying to change up the musician’s assumed
functions. Everybody’s playing several roles at various times on this tune.

05 “MONKEY SAW, MONKEY DID” 7:54 To be sure, I have composed music that was
influenced by other music I’ve heard.

06 “A NEED FOR ANGER MANAGEMENT (Conversations with the Tazmanian Devil) “
6:17 “Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast”...It seemed to work for this
misunderstood gentleman!

07 “AFTER MAURICE WAS GONE” 7:52 Dedicated to the memory of Master musician and
producer Maurice White; truly a “Shining Star”.

08 “IS IT THIS, or IS IT THAT?” 5:12 It is a challenge when at times, you find your life is in
that “gray area”.

09 “IT’S WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO BE” 2:22 Whatever the situation may be, one’s
perspective can dictate a lot.

Mario Cruz…Executive producer, all compositions and arrangements, all saxophones and woodwinds
Addison Frei…Piano and keyboards
Jeff Plant…Electric and fretless bass
Matt Young…Drums
Special Guests:
Noel Johnston…Guitar on tracks 03, 04 and 06
Jose Rossy…Percussion on tracks 01, 06 and 08
Jimi Tunnell…Co-producer, guitar, vocals, sound design and midi programming on tracks 01and 07.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Kent Stump at Crystal Clear Sound, Dallas Tx.
Percussion engineered by Jimi Tunnell at Buffalo Sound, Denton, TX.

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