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Simon Pilbrow with The Brent Fischer Orchestra Colours of Sound

Colours of Sound
Simon Pilbrow with The Brent Fischer Orchestra
Clavo Records

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Simon Pilbrow with The Brent Fischer Orchestra Colours of Sound (Clavo Records)

Featuring. Bob Sheppard, Ken Peplowski, Alex Budman, Bobby Shew, Ron Stout, Carl Saunders, Andy Martin, Bob McChesney, Scott Whitfield, Larry Koonse, Chuck Berghofer and Ray Brinker

Phenomenal players from both coasts combined in extraordinary ways, amalgamating the best influences of the 20th century into a new sound for 21st century Jazz!

Simon Pilbrow is on a unique path of his own making, having created an enormous library of brilliant sonic works of art over the decades. I’ve had the honor of getting to know in great detail nearly 200 of his singular originals and have carefully chosen 12 that I feel represent the breadth of his accomplishments. It has been a fantastic journey to bring these songs to life and I’ve enjoyed the challenge immensely. -Brent Fischer

“In 2008, I was contacted by the US Library of Congress, to be told that there was a folder of my compositions in the Gerry Mulligan Collection. In 2011, Brent Fischer suggested that I might record some of my compositions, with his arrangements, using front-rank US jazz musicians. 2017 is the year in which we have now made it a reality. It has been tremendous to work with Brent, who has not only written wonderful charts, but project-managed, organized the musicians, conducted and played on the recording. And how wonderful to be in the company of so many
brilliant musicians!” - Simon Pilbrow, Melbourne, Australia

Simon Pilbrow: All Compositions, Piano
Brent Fischer: Producer, Arranger, Conductor,
Electric Bass, Vibraphone, Marimba
Special Guests:
Ken Peplowski — Clarinet solos on 6, 10
Bobby Shew — Trumpet solos 8, 12
Larry Koonse — Guitar on 2, 5
Woodwinds: Bob Sheppard - Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxes, Alto Flute; Sal Lozano - Alto Sax; Alex Budman - Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxes, Flute, Alto Flute, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet; Kirsten Edkins - Alto Sax, Alto Flute; Brian Clancy - Tenor Sax, Alto Flute and Clarinet; Sean Franz - Clarinet; Gene Cipriano - Bass Clarinet; Bob Carr - Baritone Sax; Lee Callet - Baritone Sax, Bass Clarinet
Trumpets: Rob Schaer, Mike Stever, Kye Palmer, Jeff Bunnell, Ron Stout, Carl Saunders
Trombones: Charlie Loper, Andy Martin, Bob McChesney, Scott Whitfield;
Bass Trombones: Craig Gosnell, Steve Hughes

Acoustic Bass: Chuck Berghofer
Drums: Ray Brinker
Strings: Concertmaster, Principal Violin: Assa Drori
Violins: Alex Gorlovsky, Raphael Rishik, Susan Rishik
Violas: Elizabeth Wilson, Lynn Grants
Cello: Maurice Grants, Kevan Torfeh
Contrabass: Oscar Hidalgo

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