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Roscoe Mitchell Orchestra Discussions

Roscoe Mitchell Orchestra
Wide Hive

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Roscoe Mitchell Discussions

Release Date:
September 8th 2017 WH-0339 CD WH-0340 2LP

Roscoe Mitchell Discussions is an orchestral masterpiece. Four original improvisations taken from ‘Conversations’, his second release on Wide Hive Records, have been transcribed and performed by a twenty-piece orchestra. Completing the album are two orchestral improvisations and two duets with Roscoe Mitchell and mesmerizing flutist Wilfredo Terrazas.

Discussions is an achievement in both sound and concept by a leading jazz composer of the modern era.

Called an “iconoclast" by the New York Times, Roscoe Mitchell has forged a lifetime of truly free music and has led an inspirational life as composer, musician, and teacher. Currently a department chair of composition at Mills College, a position once held by esteemed composer Darius Milhaud, Roscoe’s past is abundant with art and musical achievement and awards. His work with the A.E.C. and the A.A.C.M are the majority of his recorded music, but he has also toured and performed with many of the greatest names of Jazz.

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