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Patti LaBelle Bel Hommage

Bel Hommage
Patti LaBelle
GPE Records

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Patti LaBelle Bel Hommage (GPE RECORDS)
UPC: 889854264925 / Catalog #: GPE1001 / Release Date: 05/05/17

Patti LaBelle is unstoppable and showing no signs of slowing down!

Over the past few years, the talented songstress has danced her way into the hearts of new
and existing fans, graced the television screens of series fan favorites and shown the world
her sweet potato pies can make even a grown man sing!

Always reinventing herself, LaBelle is opening a new chapter in her life after more than five
decades in the entertainment industry. Bel Hommage, her first studio release in 10 years,
will be launched on her own label, GPE Records, through Sony Red.

A beautiful collection of jazz standards and American classics, LaBelle’s special interpretations of these favorites, delivered in a comfortable mid-range with beautiful instrumentation, will introduce her to new ears, while offering current fans inviting and titillating sounds.

With each collection of songs, LaBelle has always taken time to live with its concept and ensure that the project comes from the heart. The same applies to Bel Hommage, as she explains why she waited 10 years to record a new release. “I haven’t felt like I was presented with quality music to record and I wasn’t just going to sing anything that was placed in front of me,” said LaBelle. “It must speak to me, first. This is music that I absolutely love.”

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