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Spotlight Project: Allison Adams Tucker WANDERlust

Available Now on Origin Records: Vocalist Allison Adams Tucker Documents a Travel Memoir Through Song on WANDERlust

Album Features Antonio Sánchez, Chris Potter, Scott Colley, Among Others

Fascinated from an early age by the diversity of the world's languages and cultures, vocalist Allison Adams Tucker offers a travel memoir in song on her third album, WANDERlust. Tucker sings in six languages on the album, which vividly captures the yearning of the inveterate travel for the romance and adventure of experiencing far-flung corners of the globe.

Recorded in New York City under the direction of award-winning producer Matt Pierson (Brad Mehldau, Becca Stevens, Joshua Redman, Jane Monheit), WANDERlust features a stunning all-star ensemble that not only bridges west and east coasts but adds flavors from around the world. The singer and her longtime pianist Josh Nelson are joined by New York jazz heavy-hitters Chris Potter, Matt Moreno, Scott Colley and Antonio Sánchez, along with percussionist Rogério Boccato and guitarist Romero Lubambo (both from Brazil) and French guitarist Stéphane Wrembel.

Tucker's versatility is remarkable not only for her ability to sing in a half-dozen different languages but to weave entrancing and expressive stories in each of them. Regardless of whether the listener understands English, French, Portuguese, Italian,
Spanish and Japanese, the emotion of every word is crystal clear thanks to
Tucker's lucent articulation and supple, silken phrasing.

"I'm fascinated with foreign cultures and languages, foreign communities and foreign ways of thinking," Tucker says, the yen to move and explore obvious into her voice. "WANDERlust is all about the longing to experience things outside your own backyard. Music can open you up to a culture in an authentic way; it's usually the thing that connects me with people."

Growing up in the border city of San Diego, Tucker was exposed to intermingling cultures from an early age. While still in kindergarten, a Spanish-language childrens book suddenly brought to light the fact that people in different places spoke different languages, and the desire to explore those far-off places was ignited within her. "It was an epiphany for a five year-old child that there was another world out there that was very different than mine and had all these different ways to communicate," she recalls.

That same year she began taking Spanish lessons, a study she continued through her college years in Indiana, while at the same time that she was touring the Midwest with a new wave cover band. Tucker majored in linguistics with a minor in music, maintaining both passions. She began traveling after graduation, visiting Jamaica, Australia and New Zealand and living for a time in both Japan and Spain. "I got bitten by the travel bug and wanted to see as much of the world as I could," she says. "I decided to bring into my repertoire all of the music that I'd learned on my travels and start exploring other cultures of music, and I've been building on it since."

Having sung a wide spectrum of styles, from a cappella Elizabethan madrigals to punk rock to country to commercial jingles, Tucker found the most natural fit to be jazz. The genre's freedom of expression and intellectual tilt were both appealing, as was its openness to absorb styles and accents from throughout the vocalists travels. The songs on WANDERlust are musical postcards from distant points of interest, from Rome to Paris to Takeda, Japan--and even destinations that exist purely in the mind's eye.

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