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Spotlight Project: Chico Freeman Spoken Into Existence

Celebrated Saxophonist Chico Freeman Makes Auspicious Homecoming with New Album, Spoken Into Existence - Available May 13 via Jive Music

Dizzy's Club Coca Cola Performance on May 19 Introduces New Band:
The Chico Freeman Plus+tet Featuring Orrin Evans, Kenny Davis,
Nasheet Waits and Reto Weber

After living and working in Europe for the last decade, innovative saxophonist Chico Freeman makes his long-awaited return to the United States in May. Marking this auspicious homecoming, the creative and trailblazing artist will celebrate with the domestic release of his tour-de-force album Spoken Into Existence (Jive Music, May 13, 2016). Freeman's stateside return offers more cause for celebration, as he introduces audiences to his new ensemble: The Chico Freeman Plus+tet featuring pianist Orrin Evans, bassist Kenny Davis, drummer Nasheet Waits and percussionist Reto Weber with performances at Dizzy's Club Coca Cola on May 19.

In the early 2000s, with dozens of recordings as a leader, Freeman moved from New York to Europe to start a new chapter of exploration by focusing on his own self-improvement and self-reflection. His thirst to immerse himself in his music, his curiosity to explore working with different musicians and living in different cultures
while challenging himself to be better than he was, has all prepared Freeman for this
new stateside chapter of his life.

With the U.S. release of his stunning album Spoken Into Existence, he is joined on the 13-piece program by his international quartet he's worked with regularly since 2013 (Italian pianist Antonio Faraò, Swiss bassist Heiri Känzig, and American drummer Michael Baker). Freeman serves notice that he is still a force to be reckoned with by addressing a cohort of rich melodies framed within a diverse array of styles (hip hop, funk, bebop, post-bop, the blues, melodies conjured from African and Asian scales) and renders them on tenor and soprano saxophones with keen intention, authoritative execution, and tonal control that transforms his metal instruments into analogue for the human voice.

For all of the technical authority on display throughout this recording, Freeman maintains that he operates by a deeply held conviction that "to express the truth of who you are at the moment you're playing" is of paramount value. "I was in Cuba with Dizzy Gillespie when he answered a journalist's question, 'What is Jazz?' with 'the search for truth.'" Freeman elaborates, "First comes expression, and when you find yourself in need of being able to express more, you develop the technique in order to accomplish that objective." For Freeman, Spoken Into Existence manifests in notes and tones the meaning of Michael Jordan's dictum, "You have to see it to be it" (or, as Freeman puts it, that "you can manifest what you want to achieve or materialize it if you can see it clearly") and the aphorism, "words are things."

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